Art Exhibition: Th ree Decades Alex Rodrigues, Pawan Aswani, Purnima Dabolkar

Time:05:15 pm

When and Where

Date:04 July 2016 To 08 July 2016
Time:06:15 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Three decades is an exhibition put together by artist Alex Rodrigues. It is so called because the three participating artists Purnima Dabholkar, Pawan Aswani and Alex Rodrigues are from three different decades and their art is varied, carrying influences from their life and times.

The exhibition will showcase and portray the changes, the depth and styles of art, how it has evolved through the years and how their thought process has changed over the decades. They wish to show how the people and society has changed anthropologically and influenced the artists.

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