Dance : Kathak : Pratap Pawar’s 70 Birthday : 70+55

Time:06:00 pm

When and Where

Date:21 May 2012
Time:07:00 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Known for his extraordinary talent and immaculate ability to teach Kathak in countries like the UK, Guyana, Trinidad, USA and Canada, Guru Pratap Pawar is widely known as ‘India’s Divine Dancer’. Recently honoured with the Padmashri by the President of India, he has been continuously training the younger generation for over three decades now through his dance company, Triveni. The very first disciple of Guru Birju Maharaj, Guru Pawar is a committed Kathakaar, thanks to whom Kathak has gone global. He is also a pioneer in the field of Indian dance to bring the concept of ‘East meets West’ to fruition, including Afro-Caribbean in Guyana (1975) and Flamenco in London (1982) followed by the contemporary ‘Eurythmy – Music by Mozart’. 

To celebrate his upcoming seventieth birthday on May 20 and to mark his fifty-five great years of dancing, performing and teaching Kathak, a showcase of his talent will be presented by the Guru himself.

Introduction : Akram Khan, MBE, the acclaimed dancer/choreographer across the world, who began dancing and learning Kathak from Guru Pawar at the age of seven. He has launched the Akram Khan Company in August 2000 and has many international disciples training under him.

Accompanists : Juani Garcia (Flamenco dance), Pt Vishwa Prakash (Vocal/Harmonium), Sanju Sahai (Tabla), Kiran Pal Sigh (Santoor) and Juan Giraldo (Spanish Guitar)

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