Documentary Film: Magic Realism & After- Indian Fiction 1981-2011 produced by Public Diplomacy Division, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

Time:05:30 pm

When and Where

Date:03 October 2012
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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A new film looks at Indians writing in a colonial language. Suresh Kohli’s Magic Realism & After, is a brilliant pot-pourri of writers, publishers, and organisers of literary festivals speaking on current Indian writing in English. The director’s vision is of the freshness and change witnessed in the last decades.

What the film brings out very clearly is that Indian writing in English is economically and academically viable today. Clearly, the country has new stories to be told in new ways, and the world seems to have tuned in as never before.

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