Exhibition: Abstractions of the soul

Time:05:15 pm

When and Where

Date:05 October 2015
Time:06:15 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Tesserarts Gallery

This rare art exhibition showcases the paintings of Paresh Chakraborty alongside some early video works of Peter Donebauer, revealing the mutual inspiration and influence between the two artists across cultures and mediums. Paresh’s paintings belong directly within the western 20th century painting tradition, including the rise of abstraction, yet his paintings were often directly of Indian ragas or influenced by them. Peter Donebauer’s pioneering work in the Seventies combined the performance of abstract colour videos in live performance with contemporary electronically based musicians from the western classical tradition. Paresh and Peter shared a deep connection with sound and music, either behind or within the works, and a conviction of the role of the spiritual domain in life and art. These themes underlie all the works on show, linked by the common use of abstract imagery. Both believe that the power of abstract imagery can act as a direct window to an inner consciousness. The exhibition will open with a raga performance by TBA, inspired by Paresh’s two last paintings before he died: “Transcendence – New Raga” and “Epiphany - New Raga”.

Open until 09 October during the office hours

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