Exhibition: Namaste - Irene López de Castro

Time:06:30 pm

When and Where

Date:06 November 2012
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Exhibition: Namaste
Irene López de Castro

Irene López de Castro, is a Spanish artist, born in Madrid, 1967. She graduated in Fine Arts from the University Complutense of Madrid in 1991. This exhibit, entitled NAMASTE, to be held in the Nehru Centre for 2 weeks pays homage to India, and aspires to be a greeting or bridge between India and Europe, between East and West. Inspired by India, held in London and painted by a Spanish artist, this event fits perfectly with the goal of this Centre that is born to be a special place for promoting cultural relations@ India, its people, land and culture, were felt and experienced firsthand as they passed by the eyes and heart of this Spanish painter; through this exhibit of paintings there is a new opportunity to unite souls through the special language of Art, as for this language, there are no limits, no race, no countries, just soul to soul communication, as the national greeting NAMASTE means, ¨I recognize the Divine inside you@” There is an infinite Beauty of different cultures around the world; that richness of the human culture is the inspiration that makes Irene work and paint about the worlds she has been impacted by. She has been looking for harmony among other human beings, between different ways of living or different religions@ her view as an artist is the view of someone that wants to learn about other ways of life, to get in contact with the essence of the souls, because in that essence we find a fraternity among all living beings. Irene has dedicated some 15 individual exhibits in Europe (Venice, Milan, Paris, London, Madrid) and Korea to transmitting the beauty of the landscapes and the kindness of the people she has met in her journeys, extending in this manner a bridge that through her art brings us closer to a world full of light, color and limitless space. More information at www.irenelopezdecastro.com

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