Exhibition/Film : Cameos & Memoirs of a Journey - Gurudev 1861-1941

Time:05:15 pm

When and Where

Date:07 May 2012
Time:06:15 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Hundred Years of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali

To mark the 100 years of Gitanjali and to celebrate Tagore’s strong links to the city of London through this exhibition which will include a journey studded with elements of music, poetry, paintings, dance dramas, world politics and the last days of Gurudev Tagore. Gurudev's rare cameos will be on display for wider access and the opening will be followed by a film by the Ministry of External Affairs, The Story of Gitanjali (10 min) and a short music dance narrative live mini clip of this musical hibernation through the eyes of Tagore's peers.

There are many interesting stories behind Tagore’s journey into London aboard the ship, City of Glasgow, on which he was giving a final shape to his English translations of prose and poetry. His tiny original manuscript of Gitanjali was lost on the London Underground and was later found in the Lost Property section at Baker Street. From there onwards all is history. His surgical operation at the Royal Free and his sudden lionisation as a World Poet came with its price. Tagore the Poet suffered and bled in silence and Tagore the celebrity took over. A musical hibernation followed and it was only in 1913 that he penned his next 6 songs. 

In association with Dakshinayan-UK (Academic affiliate of Dakshinee-Kolkata)

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