Mushaira and Talk: Sham-e-Sher-o-sukhan

Time:05:30 pm

When and Where

Date:11 June 2015
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Mr Hilal Fareed (Sir Syed Foundation, London)

Sir Syed Foundation is a registered ‘not-for-profi t’ organisation based in London. Th e aim of the organisation is to foster Indo-British friendship, promote Indo-Islamic art and literature and work for the health and happiness of all.

Sham-e-Sher-o-Sukhan (An evening of poetry and Literature) is a unique bouquet of Classical and Contemporary Urdu Poetry organised by Sir Syed Foundation London at Th e Nehru Centre on Friday 12 June 2015. Th e programme will include:

1) Welcome by the Director Nehru Centre
2) Introduction by Director Sir Syed Foundation, London
3) Tarannum – Classical Urdu Ghazals in Melodious Voices:- Ms Sangeeta Bahadur, Mr. Basit kanpuri & Uttara Sukanya Joahi,Tahat – Reading of a Selection of Urdu Poetry by Hilal Fareed
4) Shairon ki Hazir Jawabyan – Witty Poetic Retorts by Dr MZA Shakeb
5) Mushaira – A gathering of selected UK Urdu Poets 
    - Compere – Dr Ahsan Zafar Zaidi 
    - Prominent Contemporary UK Urdu poets will present their Kalaam

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