Music: Kathak and Yoga for nourishment, balance, and transformation

Time:05:00 pm

When and Where

Date:01 May 2014
Time:06:00 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Yogi Amrit Raj and Arushi Nishnak

Kathak is one of the seven dance forms of India. Kathak being distinguished with its special way to communicate with audience, through eyes,hand gestures, foot sounds and body movements, which all help in reciting a story as ‘Krishna makhan chori’,’ Dropadi cheer haran’, ‘kaliya mardan’ and many more.

Inspired by the sadhus (spiritual hermits) of India in which they would push physical, mental and spiritual boundaries to attain moksha (ultimate liberation), the purpose of Kathak &Yoga is to empower the dancer to become one’s own musician and to fully integrate the mind, body, and spirit. This practice exemplifies that one does not have to go outside of one’s own tradition to innovate. I always see Kathak as yoga because it creates a harmony between mind and soul. Each kathak dancer practices yoga through choosing a ‘tala’ (rhythmic structure), sings the melody and the ’theka’ (language of the drum) of the tala, while practicing precise complicated footwork.

Arushi Nishank will be Presenting Kathak and Yogi Dr Amrit Raj will be doing Presentation on Yoga How Yoga &Ayurveda can be Useful in day to day life. Once we have knowledge of our own Dosha we are then in a unique position to adopt particular Ayurvedic Techniques following Yogic principles to promote our own well-being and adjust imbalances in mind/ body. Using these ‘keys’ we cultivate healthy living habits through listening to our bodies’ innate intelligence and using the ancient, 5000 year old yogic practices. The benefits are particularly seen with chronic illness, weight management, anti-ageing effects (rasayana) and flexibility of both mind and resulting in tension and stress relief. We can create a comprehensive and life transforming program which is simple to follow and easy to incorporate into any busy schedule.

Through Kriyas (cleansing techniques), Pranayama (breathing techniques) Asanas (postures), Mudras (hand posturing), Meditation techniques, Mantra (sound therapy), Ayurvedic Yogic diet and Ayurvedic herbs we can revolutionise our living style to help us kick start every day with lots of energy, happiness and beauty!

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