Music: Qawali Concert - Salim Sabri

Time:06:30 pm

When and Where

Date:07 November 2012
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Music: Qawali Concert
Salim Sabri

Salim Sabri a leading internationally known Sufi Singer is the student of the highly acclaimed and world famous Late Haji Maqbool Ahmed Sabri (Sabri brothers) Salim started his singing career at the age of 12. Coming from a musical/Sufi background, the art of Qawwali was inherited by Salim from his maternal uncle who is an established Qawwali singer in India. Whilst on his first visit to India in 1977, he experienced his first live Qawwali concert, instantly Salim was drawn to this spiritual music and decided to take this passion further. On his return to the UK he was fortunate to learn that the legendary Sabri Brothers were on tour and grasped the opportunity to become the Shaghirdh (Student), of Haji Maqbool Ahmed Sabri one of the Brothers. This enabled him to further his knowledge over the next few years in the art of Qawwali from the undisputed masters of the art form. Salim is also Shaghird of Late Ustaadh Latafat Hussain Khan (Rampur Gharana) and Ustaadh Johar Ali Khan (Patiala Gharana) The Great Violin Maestro of India. Salim Sabri has been enlightening audiences since 1988 with his established UK Group. Salim Sabri has not only performed all over the UK in the most prestigious venues such as QEH Festival Hall London, S.E.C., N.E.C., Edinburgh Mela, Royal Concert Hall Glasgow, but has had the honour of touring with his Ustaadh (Teacher) to many countries around the world including Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Morocco, Holland, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh, India to name a few. He has performed at many live TV programmes on channels such as, Doordarshan India, Ummah Channel, ARY, and DM Digital. Salim has truly established himself as a performer of the traditional art of Qawwali.

 Salim is accompanied by ,Wasim Sabri , Isamail Sabri , Chote Salim, Agha Shirazi (son of Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan) and 2 other backing vocals.

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