Nayika – Bharatnatyam recital Vibha Selvaratnam

Time:05:30 pm

When and Where

Date:09 September 2016
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Vibha Selvaratnam, one of the UK’s most talented young dancers presents her new work Nayika. Th e initial idea was first developed last year through Wales Dance Platform. Th e premiere took place as part of the ‘Nrityotsava’ Dance festival in Bangalore.

Nayika - Explores four out of the eight Ashtanayikas, the different types of heroines and their relationships with their lovers. Th e audience is drawn into the state of mind of a woman in love. Th e different moods of love described in the ancient Sanskrit scriptures are explored in an innovative way with both traditional and modern edge. From being separated from her lover and unable to bear the pain, to her fury when he returns aft er being unfaithful; this work delves into the timeless feeling of love, just as relatable now as it was when these women were fi rst depicted thousands of years ago.

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