Play: Salaam India - Lushin Dubey

Time:06:00 pm

When and Where

Date:02 December 2012
Time:06:00 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Play: Salaam India
Lushin Dubey

Indians, a heterogeneous multifarious lot, are difficult to define, and now even more so since we are at that juncture in our history, where we are springing out of our past into the modern global world.

We have come through it all. Be it our culture, our history or the structure of our society. We have been subjugated but never defeated. We have steadfastly hung on to our resilience and hope as a people, Our aspirations and our ambitions, our youthful democracy of merely 61 years, our drive towards making ourselves a major global power in technology, in our spirit of entrepreneurship, and in our pan Indianness. Our ability to delve into our rich and varied traditions and adapt them to modern times without forsaking our identity and our roots has been the mantra of our survival.

The play has four actors who portray sixteen characters altogether. Different situational excerpts from their life bring about contradictions, joy, humour, hope and aspirations that drive them.

A play inspired by Pavan Varma’s book, Being Indian Directed by Lushin Dubey & written by Nicholas Kharkongor

‘Absolutely delightful! Lushin and her team of actors are outstanding’ Shyam Benegal

‘Brilliant!' Feroz Khan

“A theatrical achievement that breaks new ground” The Hindu

“Shines glowingly at its seams” The Pioneer Viva City

“Insightful, intelligent, illuminating” Metro Plus Delhi

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