SACF Phalke Memorial Lecture : The New Indian Cinema Circa 2012 Shyam Benegal

Time:05:15 pm

When and Where

Date:10 June 2012
Time:06:15 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Considered as the father of ‘New Indian Cinema’, Shyam Bengal’s career spans over 40 years in filmmaking. Almost all his works deal with social issues and change in India since independence. Benegal’s trilogy Ankur (The Seedling 1974), Nishant (Night’s End, 1975) and Manthan (The Churning, 1976), documents the exploitation of the disadvantaged in rural India. His cinema has focused on the flow of history and on socio-economic conflicts during the British Raj and in India today. With rare sensitivity, his films, such as Bhumika and Mandi, also explore the identity of women in a changing world and in professions including acting and prostitution. 

Shyam Benegal will deliver SACF’s 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Memorial Lecture on The New Indian Cinema Circa 2012 followed by the inauguration of an exhibition of photographs, Life & Works of India’s New Cinema Pioneer: Shyam Benegal. 

SACF’s Excellence in Cinema Award will be conferred on Shyam Benegal at the BFI Southbank on 9 June 2012 at 4.15 pm, after the screening of his Bhumika. On 10 June, Benegal will conduct a Masterclass on Bhumika at BFI Southbank at 1pm. Benegal will also launch Sangeeta Bahadur’s Spectulative Fiction, Jaal - The Web (Pan, 2012) at House of Lords on 11 June at 2.30 pm.

In association with South Asian Cinema Foundation (SACF), BFI and AFP

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