Exhibition: Meditations
24 Mar2014

Exhibition: Meditations Nayan Mitra

Nayan picked up his passion of painting again after a break of almost three decades. Like a child in a toy store, he went to the art store and bought colours, papers and brushes. He started with water colours and...[more]

Gargee Singh
21 Mar2014

Dance: Cultural Evening of Indian Classical and Semi-Classical Dances - Gargee Singh

Gargee has been trained in Kathak under tutelage of Sri Shivji Mishra, disciple of world renowned Kathak dancer, Pandit Birju Maharaj. She belongs to the Lucknow Gharana. She also received training in Odissi dance form,...[more]

Dance: Naatya Manoharam
19 Mar2014

Dance: Naatya Manoharam - Beauty of Dance Sarvani Yadavalli

Dance is a form of divinity. It is yet another way to reach the almighty’s feet. All Indian dances and performing arts of India are believed to have branched out from ‘NatyaSasthra – (Treatise on Dance)’ an ancient text...[more]

Music: Tribute to Manna Dey
14 Mar2014

Music: Tribute to Manna Dey Katha UK

Arpan Kumar and Mital sing live to pay a tribute to immortal Manna Dey. The melodious voice of acclaimed, recorded artists, Arpan Kumar and Mital will delight audience in a special concert. The theme of the evening...[more]

Prajawal Parajuly
12 Mar2014

Book Launch: Land Where I Flee- Prajawal Parajuly Sharma and Susan Yearwood

Prajwal Parajuly, author of Land Where I Flee and The Gurkha’s Daughter, has been called the next big thing in South Asian fiction and the harbinger of the resurgence of the short story. 29-year-old Parjwal is the son...[more]

07 Mar2014

Panel Discussion : Women in Leadership ,Diverse Voices & Changing Vision.

Despite the advances towards recognition of women’s political, economic and social equality with men, there is a continuing lack of women in senior positions in the national and international positions that govern our...[more]

Panel Discussion: Women and urbanisation
05 Mar2014

Panel Discussion: Women and urbanisation Pan Asian Women’s Association

Rural- urban migration is a much studied phenomena in Asia, but insufficient attention is paid to the ramifications of gender. Women’s experiences of the changed context are very different from those of men, and their...[more]

Exhibition: Gauge The Gaze
03 Mar2014

Exhibition: Gauge The Gaze Vikash Kalra

Vikash Kalra is an energetic young self-taught artist who entered the creative world for his love of art. The imageries alternate between the human figure and the landscape – anchors that allow him to enjoy an aesthetic...[more]

Musical concert
03 Mar2014

Musical concert Illumina

ILLUMINA are Anaam & Lila ~ two divinely inspired singers who hold a space of healing and celebration. They use beautiful vocal harmonies and melodies of Sacred Sounds and Mantras from all around the world to...[more]