Dance: Duhita...based on Tagores
23 May2014

Dance: Duhita...based on Tagores-Sarbani Ghosh

DUHITA...(KANYA...) The greatest poet, philosopher, and artist Rabindranath Tagore wrote many stories, plays, dramas and novels. In Tagore’s writings, women are portrayed in varied ways. Though most of the female...[more]

Music & Dance: Shaam- e- Sufi
22 May2014

Music & Dance: Shaam- e- Sufi, An evening of Sufi with a difference-Arunima Kumar, Adi and Suhail Sabri

“Whether you love God or love a human being, if you love enough, you will come into the presence of Love itself.”  - Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi An evening of Sufi music, poetry and dance by Suhail on the Sarangi, Adi...[more]

Exhibition: WWF Tiger Talk Exhibition
21 May2014

Exhibition: WWF Tiger Talk Exhibition-WWF

India’s wildlife is truly remarkable in its diversity. Amongst this diversity, the tiger steals the limelight and continues to be the star attraction of the Indian forests. No other animal can elicit such a varied range...[more]

Book Launch: Tishnagi- the Thirst
21 May2014

Book Launch: Tishnagi- the Thirst-Minu Bakshi

Minu Bakshi introduces “Tishnagi : The Thirst” her book of urdu poetry. As a singer, linguist, art collector and philanthropist Minu Bakshi is already well known. “Tishnagi” her first and recently published book of Urdu...[more]

A Hidden Heritage: Indo-British Collaboration in Cinema in UK
15 May2014

A Hidden Heritage: Indo-British Collaboration in Cinema in UK (1930-1951)-SACF

This unique exhibition of portraits, film stills, film memorabilia, old posters, film magazinesand reviews, books, drawings and artwork is part of a film heritage project organised by the South Asian Cinema Foundation...[more]

Dance: Anubhava- a divine experience
09 May2014

Dance: Anubhava- a divine experience-Bhavajan Kumar

The word ‘Anubhava’ means ‘to experience’. Anubhava is an experience woven through a garland of inner thoughts that can stimulate the mind, body and soul. ‘Anubhava’ takes you on a journey of eternal bliss, in pursuit...[more]

Book Launch: Communicating India’s Soft Power
08 May2014

Book Launch: Communicating India’s Soft Power- Buddha to Bollywood-Prof. Daya Thussu

As the world’s largest democracy with a vibrant and pluralist media system, India offers an excellent case study of the power of culture and communication in the age of mediated international relations. This pioneering...[more]

Talk : Indian Elections
07 May2014

Talk : Indian Elections-Kailash Budhwar

Who will be the next Prime Minister of India? How do over 800 million people decide the winner from amongst hundreds of parties & scores of coalitions? Between April 7th & May 12th India remains gripped in...[more]

Book Launch: Indian Magic by Balraj Khanna
06 May2014

Book Launch: Indian Magic by Balraj Khanna-HopeRoad Publishing

Balraj Khanna was born in the Punjab, India, and came to London in the Swinging Sixties to study English. Instead, he took to art – eventually becoming ‘one of the most distinguished painters working in England’ (Bryan...[more]

Music: Journeys into Ajab Shahar (A Wondrous city)
05 May2014

Music: Journeys into Ajab Shahar (A Wondrous city)- Songs and stories from the mystic oral traditions-Kabir Project & Nirvana Live

Filmmaker Shabnam Virmani and writertranslator Vipul Rikhi share video excerpts of journeys in quest of contemporary resonances of the 15th century mystic Kabir and other poets, taking us through diverse landscapes of...[more]

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