Exhibition: Speech About Indian Arts
30 Nov2015
23 Nov2015

A panel discussion on Lord Bhikhu Parekh’s “Debating India: Essays on Indian Political Discourse” published by Oxford University Press, 2015.

The book traces the development of the Indian tradition of public debate and the various forms it took during diff erent periods. It concentrates on the major debates that occurred during the independence struggle such...[more]

Dance by Dr Annapoorna Kuppuswamy
19 Nov2015

Dance by Dr Annapoorna Kuppuswamy

‘Vedantic Margham’ is a 90 minute dance production that is based on the classical Indian dance style ‘Bharathanatyam’. The margham is based on the poetry of Swami Dayananda Swaraswathi, an eminent teacher of Vedanta....[more]

Music: Papia Ghoshal & Group
18 Nov2015

Music: Papia Ghoshal & Group

Papia Das Baul a disciple of the legendary Guru Baulsamrat Pandit Purna Das Baul. Papia being in the baul path and philosophy for twenty years, was initiated into the baul clan and derived the musical name ‘Papia Das...[more]

Music: Amazing Little Stars
17 Nov2015

Music: Amazing Little Stars

Ustad Naeem Salaria is a disciple of the late Ustad Umeed Ali Khan of Gwalior Gharana. He will be performing Ghazals and Songs in his own unique style and will be accompanied by the Amazing Little Stars, a group of...[more]

Exhibition: Baishanav Tantra
16 Nov2015
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