Yuresh Sinha
21 May2013

Exhibition: Cities in Twilight Yuresh Sinha

Yuresh Sinha is a practising Architect based in Gurgaon, India. Architectural photography, historical as well as modern, has been his passion and his forte for the last twenty years. Apart from pure Architecture, he is...[more]

At Home with Mr. Mullick
21 May2013

Exhibition: 'Calcutta :: Stately Homes in the City of Palaces'. Anirban Mitra

During the British colonial era, especially from late 1700-1911, when Calcutta was the Imperial capital of British India, the city witnessed a spate of frenzied construction activity of buildings, that included several...[more]

Nritya Sabha
16 May2013

Dance: Nritya Sabha - Kala The Arts

On 16th May, Kala The Arts presents you a Double Bill, performance by Marcina Arnold Urvashi and Elena Catalono in styles of Kathak and Odissi. Marcina Arnold Urvashi is a Kathak dance artist trained in the U.K with...[more]

Photograph by Andy Mogg
15 May2013

Dance: Nritya Sabha Kala The Arts

Nritya Sabha is a celebration of classical Indian dances by 4 emerging South Asian dancers and choreographers. Currently based in Britain with global roots these artists bring a different dimension to the Classical...[more]

Tribal art from
14 May2013

Exhibition: Tribal art from Central India The Adivasi Arts Trust

An exhibition of paintings from Central India includes a selection from the Pardhan Gond, Warli and Saora tribes. The Adivasi Arts Trust is a UK based charity that works to promote awareness of tribal art and culture;...[more]

Kavi O Sanyasi
08 May2013

Music: Kavi O Sanyasi-The poet and the Hermit Dr Ananda Gupta-Dakshinayan UK

We proudly celebrate the 152nd Birth anniversary of Gurudev Tagore through a journey of specially collected Tagore music-colossala ward winning dances- audio visual clips and a carefully researched script based on...[more]

Swami Vivekananda-
07 May2013

Exhibition: From Naren To Swamiji- A Journey Dakshinayan UK Pictorial Exhibition

Through a series of line paintings and sketches we celebrate the 150 years of the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda- the iconic saint of India. This was commisioned by ICCR and drawn by Rathin Mitra. It depicts...[more]

Sangeeta Datta
03 May2013

Illustrated Talk: Gitanjali 100

The programme has been cancelled by the artist due to unavoidable reason. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.[more]

Seminar: Living Traditions
01 May2013

Seminar: Living Traditions – Contemporary Traditions in the Indian Art Market Organised by Neha Jaiswal, María García and Marta Pereira

Accompanying An Indian Art Exhibition, this seminar presents the artistic traditions showcased and their insertion in the art market. Some of the artists are expected to be present, demonstrating their...[more]

An Indian Art Exhibition
30 Apr2013

Exhibition: Living Traditions - An Indian Art Exhibition A project by Neha Jaiswal, María García and Marta Pereira

The diversity of India’s cultural heritage has led to a variety of art forms and expressions, often showcasing similar themes ranging from mythological stories to portrayal of everyday life. Encouraged by the increasing...[more]