Exhibition on Churches of Goa
18 Apr2016

Exhibition - Violet M. Digby, A St Ives Painter in Kashmir

Violet M Digby (1900-1960) spent most of her life in India as the child of a civil engineer and later as the wife of a district judge. She was taught to draw as a child by her father, who was an excellent technical...[more]

Exhibition on Churches of Goa
28 Apr2016

Book launch and poetry recital Paramvir – A War Diary Mrs. Manju Lodha (copy 1)

The book is about recipients of the Paramvir Chakra, India’s highest military decoration awarded for the highest degree of valour or self-sacrifice in the presence of the enemy. The majority of the recipients, fourteen...[more]

Exhibition on Churches of Goa
02 May2016

Gods and Demons - Heritage Craft of West Bengal Exhibition by Biswa Bangla

Biswa Bangla is a West Bengal government-led initiative that supports over 10,000 artisans, craftspeople and weavers. It encourages innovation, provides design assistance and improves quality and supply chains for the...[more]

Exhibition on Churches of Goa
03 May2016

Remembering V. K. Krishna Menon A panel discussion marking the 120th birth anniversary by the V. K. Krishna Menon Institute

Born in Kerala, he came to England and enrolled at the London School of Economics. There he came into contact with the formidable theoretician of British socialism Harold Laski.Menon and Laski became good friends. Menon...[more]

Exhibition on Churches of Goa
04 May2016

Beat and the Bow: A Tribute to Ustad Sabri Khan Sarangi Concert by Suhail Yusuf Khan In association with Sama Arts Network Ltd

The sarangi came naturally to the Delhi-bred Khan an eighth generation musician who belongs to a distinguished family of classical musicians of the Senia Moradabad gharana. The grandson of sarangi legend the late Ustad...[more]

Exhibition on Churches of Goa
05 May2016

Ragas and Colours Sitar concert by Alif Laila

Alif Laila was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where she began her formal study of sitar under Ustad Mir Qasem Khan, nephew of the legendary Ustad Alauddin Khan. She further continued under Partha Chatterjee, Krishna Bhatt...[more]

Exhibition on Churches of Goa
06 May2016

International launch of ‘The Tagore Project’ Subhanjan Sarkar

Author TV and its Founder Subhanjan Sarkar are launching a Global crowd sourced initiative to make available the complete works of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore in audio. Anyone with knowledge of Bengali can choose a...[more]

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