Baul and Vaishnav Music Festival

Time:06:30 pm

When and Where

Date:Friday 21 April 2017
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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An exceptional event as part of Baul and Vaishnav Music Festival, the event showcases the true, authentic and haunting melody from the soil of Bengal. The duo-recital of Bengali folk music by one of the ancient Bengali folk instruments Dutara and Banshuri along with Tabla.

Renowned Dutara player Mohammed Nuruzzaman and highly acclaimed flutist Luthfur Rahman will perform a Jugalbandi with a few renditions of Bengali folk music. Yamin Chowdhury Shagor will accompany on Tabla. Poet T M Ahmed Kaysher will give a talk on the beauty of Bengali folk music and curate the event.

The festival, as a whole, showcases the ecstatic performances of Bengali Baul & Vaishnav music by local Baul groups and prominent individual performers along with the brief discussion on these two major philosophical movements of Indian sub-continent that evolved from Hindu and Muslim (Sufi) faith that have enriched the music, literature and art of the whole region.

Programme includes a unique Jugalbandi of traditional folk instruments Dutara and Bansuri recital based on Baul and Vaishnav melodies by Nuruzzaman Ahmed (Dutara) and Luthfur Rahman (Flute), followed by a Vocal recital of Baul and Vaishnav music by Gouri Chowdhury.

Presented by Nari Chetona in partnership with Radha Raman Society.

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