Ramyaa: A Rhapsody of Art and Neuroscience


Dr Ramya Mohan

Time:06:15 pm

When and Where

Date:Monday 08 May 2017 To Friday 12 May 2017
Time:06:15 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Inauguration: Monday 08 May 2017 – 06.15 pm

On display till Friday 12 May 2017 from 10.00 am – 6.00 pm

Dr Ramya Mohan is an accomplished artist who has steadily carved a niche for herself in the British Asian Art scene after highly commended solo exhibitions at the Nehru Centre and The MP Birla Art Gallery amongst others. Having won state and national level awards and described as a child prodigy in Art, Music, Writing and Academia by ‘The Hindu’, Ramya is known for her vibrant use of colours and increasing global awareness of mental health through her innovative art and music projects.

Ramya’s art collections (‘Sammilana: Art, Women and the Mind’ and ‘Vismayaa: Wondrous Surprise’ ) have expressed the complex and wondrous aspects of cultures, people, emotions and relationships. Ramya is known for her sensitive and bright portrayal of the intricate aspects of human minds and relationships in her artwork. She reports looking at life from various angles-As a psychiatrist, artist, musician, author and woman. Her artwork has garnered widespread appreciation over the years.

‘Ramyaa: A Rhapsody of Art and Neuroscience’ is an exclusive art collection expressing the artist’s inner journeys and experiences through complex conundrums of human minds. The exhibition runs aptly through ‘Mental health awareness week’ this year.

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