Tradition in Transition

A Mayurbhanj Chhau recital

Carolina Prada

Time:05:30 pm

When and Where

Date:Tuesday 21 March 2017
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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The recital explores the classical potential of traditional Mayurbhanj Chhau, combining tandava, lasya, martial vocabulary, and abhinaya. It is a result of the experimental work by Guru Janmejoy SaiBabu and disciple Carolina Prada intending to broaden the method of expression and interpretation in this style.

The first piece Navagraha draws upon the story of the Shani Mahatmya where King Indradyumna and his emissaries’ debate on which of the planetary bodies is more powerful comparing their various qualities. Following, is a martial art item based on Rani Laxmibai, the queen of Jhansi. The last item, Nataraj, is purely traditional and showcases the Lord of dance: Shiva in his three states: Shanta (meditative), Roudra Tandava (destructive), and Anand Tandava (blissful). 

Hailing from Colombia, Carolina has made a niche for herself in India, as currently the only female dancer portraying the male and female style of Mayurbhanj Chhau. Specializing also in Odissi dance, she has performed in the most prestigious festivals in India, as well as abroad, earning critical acclaim. With her strength, grace and impeccable deliverance she is a true exponent of Guru Janmejoy Sai Babu’s chhau legacy.

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