World Poetry and Indian Classical Music Festival Saudha, Society of Poetry and Indian Music on 12 June & 13 June

Time:04:00 pm

When and Where

Date:Wednesday 12 June 2013
Time:05:00 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Saudha organised a Two-day-long world poetry and Indian classical music festival in partnership with The Nehru Centre. The festival entails Saudha’s world-class concerts which are designed to establish the subtle but strong bond between lyrical poetry and classical music both vocal and instrumental . The central concept is to intertwine melodious poetry with Indian Classical Music so that each form of art decodes and interprets each other. The Society aims to propagate the message of love and connect deep humanism to cross the cultural barriers through remedial and transcendental music.

The experiments are designed cautiously to create new audience by introducing new way to communicate the abstract form of music and also by revolutionizing the existing way of listening classical music. Verses from Tagore, Ghalib, Khyam are harmoniously glued up with the tune of melodious Indian ragas or the mellifluous verses of contemporary world poets are blended with Kheyal, Thumri etc to give a set of relevant images in order to signify the mode of the music creating an ecstatic colorful ambiance to take the audience into the universe of dream and illusion. The event will start at 17.00pm on each day from 12th to 13th of June with half an hour-long speech on the crises and prospects of Indian classical music and the way forward to reach global audience by the intellectuals in respective field.

Chandra Chakraborty- Vocals
Sanju Sahai- Tabla
Kamalbir Nandra- Solo Violin and Ghazal
Dipanjan Guha- Sitar
Nafees Irfan- Ghazals
Dr. Hilal Fareed- Poet
Erik Schalander, Leesa Gazi and Jaymini Sahai- Kathak

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