Tapi at the Thames

The Tapi Project

Time:06:30 pm

When and Where

Date:Tuesday 29 August 2017
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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The Tapi Project is an Indian contemporary folk band with textures of Folk, World, Fusion and jazz in it. 

Their music is formed in contemporary arrangements, woven around inquisitive poetry, revisiting folk instruments, bringing together all our diverse influences, creating a coherent confluence. 

The Lyrics talk about stories of common people. The music ranges from Indian classical, folk, to jazz. 

They mostly use acoustic instruments such as, Acoustic Guitar, Shruti box, different kind of drums and percussions, Ukelele, Mandolin Bouzouki. 

The music is the tying factor to the philosophy and observation oriented poetry. Fronted by Swati’s Jazz and folk influenced vocal delivery and texture very unique to her and backed by harmonies by Anand Joseph Mani.You can expect feel of urban, suburban, rural India in their music and lyrics. 

The program will include poetry by Yogendra along with Saint Kabir chants from Upanishad. Stories of rivers, values, and virtues, daily struggle and so forth. 

Swati Patel: Vocals, Shrutibox

Yogendra Saniyawala: Guitars, Bass, 

Anand Joseph Mani: Guitars, Bass, Backing Vocals, 

Gaurav Kapadia: Drums and percussion. 

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