Book Launch

Silver, The Spy Who Fooled The Nazis

By Mihir Bose

Time:06:30 pm

When and Where

Date:Tuesday 12 September 2017
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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In February 1941 Bhagat Ram Talwar, a Hindu Pathan from the North West Frontier Province, escorted Subhas Bose to Kabul as the Indian revolutionary sought German help to free India. After Bose left for Berlin Talwar became a spy for the Italians and the German. But after Germany invaded Russia, Talwar, a communist, switched to the Russians and double-crossed Bose, arguing that defeating Nazism was more important than winning Indian freedom. In 1942 Russians shared Talwar with the British, the only such war-time arrangement. Talwar was controlled by Peter Fleming in Delhi who gave him the cover name Silver. Talwar fooled the Germans into paying him £2.5 million, awarding him the Iron Cross, Germany’s highest military decoration, and giving him transmitters. Fleming used them to broadcast fictitious military information from the gardens of Delhi’s Viceregal Palace straight to Berlin. Talwar also fooled the Japanese making him the only quintuple spy. After Indian independence Talwar could not admit he had spied for the British and the Russians and lied that he had supported Bose. This is the first time his full story has been told and is an important re-examination of both Indian and British history of the Second World War.

Bose’s skills as a journalist and researcher are evident in The Indian Spy as he portrays the big picture adding rich details gleaned from previously classified files of the Indian, British and other governments.’ - Times of India

‘Mihir Bose’s new book meticulously reconstructs Talwar’s real character, relaying on original documents from several archives to establish that Silver was actually the only quintuple spy of WW II. He spied for the Italians, Germans, Japanese, Soviets and the British, and deceived Netaji, made a fortune and played a crucial role in the global war.’ - The Hindu

Chair: Lord Meghnad Desai 

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