Kaleidoscope of Art & Design

A Panel Discussion

Time:06:30 pm

When and Where

Date:Tuesday 05 September 2017
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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This discussion aims to highlight the intersectional nature of art, culture, and design by creating a platform for boundary-pushing artists to share their experiences with the London art community.

Panelists: Smrita Jain, Designer, Artist, Photographer; Laura Gracia, Curator, Artist, Researcher; Alok Nayak, Researcher, Artistic Director.

Moderator: Sylvie Gormezano, Art Collector 

Smrita Jain, Indian-born artist and designer will begin the evening with her keynote on the Interaction between Art and Design and their value in Cultural Representation. She will share works that include Ateem (a Hindi typeface), 3D typographic art, graphics-based advertising posters for Incredible India and her upcoming book, Fat Free Samosa. Each presentation offers a different perspective and breaks stereotypical impressions of Indian culture. 

Laura Plana Gracia will discuss Curating Sonic Labs: Defining new strategies for the public exhibition of sound art. This talk introduces practice-based research that identifies and critically addresses key issues in curating sound art and how it differs from contemporary visual arts curation. Garcia works to identify possibilities in curating sound art outside the institution with a focus on alternative practices to enrich the curatorial scope. 

Alok Nayak will speak about Indian Musical Identity. The talk analyses the invention of new traditions in Indian Classical Music, the Great British Gharana, and the process of innovation. The project is part of the larger study of the movement of the Indian diaspora and their cultural identity around the world. The evening will conclude with a panel discussion on Kaleidoscope of Art and Design moderated by Sylvie Gormezano of PictureThis media and The Association of Women Art Dealers. 

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