Odissi: Coming a Full Circle

Dr. Itishree Devi

Time:06:30 pm

When and Where

Date:Thursday 24 August 2017
Time:06:30 pm
Organizer: ICCR
Location: London

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Dr. Itishree Devi, an Odissi Dancer who has trained under the doyen of Odissi Dance, Padmabibhushan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Dr Devi has performed widely in India and abroad. Among her important performances are the Konark Festival, Ananya Festival, World Trade Fair in India and “Festival D’Automne” in Paris, “IDEA Congress” in Bergen, Norway, Penn-State University and “OSANY Convention” in U.S.A. and the “Sakai International Interchange Association” (2014) in Japan. 

Itishree will begin the evening with a Lecture Demonstration “Odissi- Coming a full circle”. She will briefly touch upon the journey of Odissi as well as the subtle nuances of this unique dance form which has caught the imagination of people across the globe. Itishree will open her presentation of Odissi with Mangalacharan – an invocatory piece dedicated to the Mother Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning and the Arts. This will be followed by two Abhinayas or expressional dance where the dancer interprets a song through body movements, Mudras or hand gestures and facial expressions. The first abhinaya is set to an ancient Odia song “Brajaku Chora” where mother Yashoda tries desperately to put her Divine child Krishna to sleep as he indulges in all sorts of pranks throughout the night. The second piece is ‘Rati Sukha Saare’- set to a song from the 12th Century Poet Jayadeva’s “Gita Govinda”- describing the plight of a lovelorn Krishna, the beloved of Radha, as he awaits to be united with her near River Yamuna. The concluding item in the repertoire is “Mokshya”, a pure dance item, where the dancer seeks liberation and ultimate union with the Divine through her art form and which culminates with the primordial sound of Creation the “OM”. 

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