Atal Bihari Vajpayee General Scholarship Scheme for Academic Year 2024-25

ICCR is pleased to be announced 638 scholarship slots globally under the Atal Bihari Vajpayee General Scholarship Scheme

Applications from interested international students are invited online through ICCR’S A2A scholarship portal which will open on 20th February 2024.

Students are welcome to apply to up to 5 universities/institutes in the order of preference. Before applying, they are advised to check the eligibility criteria, course offerings and documents required on the respective universities’ websites.

3. Tentative timeline for the admission process is as follows:

20th February 2024 – Opening of Portal for inviting applications from interested candidates.

30th April 2024 – Last date of application to be submitted by students.

31st May 2024- Last date for universities to inform the decision (if confirmed, intimation to missions, if rejected, intimation to students)

30th June 2024- Last date for allocating scholarship and generating Offer Letters by Indian Mission abroad.

15th July 2024 – Last date of acceptance by students

22nd July 2024 – Based on the number of acceptances in the first round (if acceptances are less than the scholarship seats allocated) Indian Mission offers scholarships to other students who were not considered in the first round.

30th July 2024 – Second-round students to convey their acceptances.