Guru Pali Chandra
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Aamad is the story of two sisters who believed in kathak and decided to share it with the world. From a tin shed in Bellamy Drive London to studios in Dubai, Zurich and Bangalore.

Guru Pali Chandra is perhaps the most well-known name worldwide, as an educationist. She has established Gurukul Studios in three countries - Switzerland, UAE and India, where as we speak, there are nearly 500 students taking regular kathak sessions .She has conducted interactive kathak workshops all the way from Hong Kong in the Far East to Seattle in the West.

The evening will consist of Aamad--an amalgamation of almost every aspect of kathak, starting with a prayer on creation and preservation and ending with world peace. In between will be a few pieces in Jhap Taal and Dhamar Taal, as well as a Thumri, a Gazal, a Tarana and a Sargam.

Guru Pali Chandra has choreographed the presentation and will perform with her students, from Gurukul.