Anurekha Ghosh
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Aaradhana literally meaning ‘worship’ is a stunning presentation of solo Kathak dance by internationally acclaimed award winning dancer and choreographer Anurekha Ghosh.

‘Aaradhana’ opens with a rare treat of a combination of ‘Tandav’ depicting the powerful cosmic energy followed by ‘Lasya’ depicting grace and beauty representing the synthesis of masculine and feminine energies of the universe.

Anurekha Ghosh’s performances reveals the intricate connection between classical Kathak dance and classical music from the subcontinent, celebrating the joy of life, as well as contemplate its meaning, whirling through an evocative emotional landscape, driven by the complex rhythm, hypnotic melodies, soaring vocals, creating a high impact performance, embracing the joyful spirit.

Anurekha Ghosh is one of the finest Classical Kathak dancers. She has performed in the major theatres and Festivals all over the world as a soloist or with her company productions. She has performed in USA, Canada, all over Europe, India, Estonia, Japan, Pakistan, Indonesia and the UK including Royal Opera House, London, South Bank Centre, London, Madison Square Gardens , New York and Festival of FEZ, Morocco.

“She is a rare artist, who relies on her own instincts to keep the flag of aesthetics flying high”.- Tapati Chowdhurie, The Statesman (India)

“Ghosh’s fiery footwork, with an emphasis on flat feet and heel strikes, her proud verticality and raised chest, and her feminine charisma all produce a similar sensibility.” - Emily Wilcox, Ann Arbor Observer, USA