Ajapa Yoga Lectures

by Ajapa yog Sansthan
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Ajapa Yog or the Dhwani Yog is an ancient science of Self Realisation from India. In the Upanishads it is oft en referred to as the philosophy of Shabd Brahm, hailed as the highest knowledge on this Earth. Though ancient, it is most appropriate today in the contemporary world.Ajapa means, that which is neither recited, nor chanted. It is contemplation of a sound in your mind.

This technique consists of two parts: meditation and specifi c breathing technique, which is a conscious way of breathing and can be practiced at any time during the day. Ancient Rishis during deep meditations discovered that Sound (AUM) manifesting in the form of vibrations was the cause of creation and evolution of this universe. Th is Sound also existed in all human beings. It also enabled them to understand the relationship between Human being and the Universe. The ultimate aim of human life is thus to understand this relationship and realize it within oneself. Most of the present systems of Yoga and meditation techniques with numerous ideologies and philosophies are meant for the physical and mental wellbeing only, Ajapa Yoga is the only method, which off ers practical experience of connecting with the inner consciousness or our true Self. Intense practice can take one, beyond the material world to the highest spiritual state of self-realization. Today this unique knowledge is available for everyone regardless of age, physical condition, or lifestyle. The Indian High Commission proudly brings you this unique technique in the form of the lectures which will be delivered by Shri Neeraj Goswami, an acclaimed artist and a master in the Science of Ajapa Yog. Th e honored guest at all of the lectures will be Sri Swami Guruprasad Paramahans, the sole heir of this ancient lineage and an enlightened master.

Following each lecture, there will be an opportunity to learn the Ajapa meditation technique.