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Remembering the Legend
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The world called Ustad AllaRakha one of the best Indian Classical musicians, who placed the Tabla, his instrument, on the world map in a way nobody had done before. He merged South Indian rhythm with North Indian style which was unthinkable in the fifties and sixties. Tabla solos got a great deal of respect due to him, and now, his son Ustad Zakir Hussain. The AllaRakha Foundation was founded after his passing away in 2001. He was a secular minded and humanitarian individual who gave his knowledge without any discrimination. He was also a good singer, having learned in the Patiala Gharana and composed music for at least 40 Bollywood films under the name of A.R. Qureshi.

Performance By:

Shikhar Naad Qureshi-- Djembe

The son and disciple of the ace percussion maestro Taufiq Qureshi and grandson of the legendary Tabla wizard Ustad AllaRakha. Shikhar carries forward the concept pioneered by his father of translating knowledge of the Tabla onto the African instrument ‘Djembe’. He now performs in many classical and fusion music set ups and also regularly plays on many Bollywood film soundtracks. Shikhar has also served as a Music Producer on several albums and projects under his father. He will be accompanied by Rekesh Chauhan on Lehra Player

Saberi Misra –Kathak dance

The great granddaughter of Pandit Jailal Maharaj, granddaughter of Pandit Ramgopal Misra and Smt. Guru Susmita Misra and daughter of Pandit Rajkumar Misra – the renowned Tabla player and Smt. Chandrima Misra, an established Hindustani vocalist. Saberi has already established herself as a fine Kathak dancer. She will be accompanied by Pt. RajKumar Mishra on the Tabla.