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Anjali B Purkayastha
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Anjali’s ink illustrative style represents an Eastern yin-yang duality at a base level it is inspired by various folk arts of India; but at the same time it has been infused with art from her Asian experiences. While her formative years were spent in India, Anjali has lived and traveled across Asia in the last decade. Therefore, drawing inspiration from the world that surrounds her, she found the use of traditional paper from Korea, ink from Japan, motifs from Chinese temples along with the patterns from Indian folk art, in her work.

Anjali says ‘I’ve always been fascinated with the synergy of patterns across countries and how they can be used to create visual stories. My aspiration is to create imagery that can transcend borders and has universal appeal.’

Anjali’s work has been sold and exhibited in Hong Kong, Seoul, London, Bangkok, New Delhi and Singapore.