Art Exhibition

Prakriti Vandana
Navin Ramniklal Soni
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Navin Soni has been working as a freelance artist from an early age. Navin Soni is known for his mythological painting series ‘Ragmala’ and ‘Navras’-Bharatmuni Natyashastra. He also has a book published with the title of ‘Ragvandana’ and ‘Rasvandana’. An Exhibition of ‘Navras’ was held at the inaugural function of ICCR Ahmedabad (2012).A number of his shows have been sponsored by Gujarat state Laitkala Academy and he has received numerous awards like “Gaurav Puraskar” by Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy in 2015 and “Sanskar Award” by Sanskar Bharati in 2017. He was honoured by Samast Soni Samaj UAE in Dubai and at ‘Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Texas, USA in 2017 for his contributions in the field of Art. Navin Soni was an artist of the Swaminarayan Museum and Vande Matram Memorial.

His latest painting series is based on Indian mythology and he calls it “ASHTANAYIKA”(Nayikabhed). Ashta-Nayika is a collective name of eight types of Nayikas (heroines) classified by Bharatmuni natya shastra. The eight Nayikas in his paintings represent her moods or different states (avastha) when in a relationship with her beloved.