Between Air and Earth

Natarang Dance Group
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Air symbolizes existence of God, who is surrounding us and gives us strength. The first part of the repertoire will showcase Ganesha, Saraswati and Durga. The Gods can be gentle and smooth as well as very powerful. Just like the air we can feel the presence of the divine in our daily life. Gods send their love to people on Earth to lighten their lives.

The second part is a story about a young devotee, who finds herself madly in love with a mysterious man during the magical Diwali time.

Natarang Dance Group will present its newest two part dance recital “Between Air and Earth” in which the dancers will capture essence of the beautiful Diwali enchantment.

In this repertoire you will find classical Kuchipudi items as well as semi-classical and Bollywood inspired dances.

Indian Dance Group Natarang is a group of artists inspired with Indian dance, who want to promote Indian culture in Poland. Natarang Group was founded in 2013 and got impressive stage experience. They’ve performed Indian dance on lots of stages across Poland and abroad. Members of the group are developing their dance skills in Kuchipudi classical dance style. They participated in many dance workshops and they are the disciples of Kuchipudi Guru Arunima Kumar from London. Group’s repertoire includes different kinds of dances like semi-classical items, based mostly on Kuchipudi with elements of other classical forms or modern Bollywood choreographies full of life, colours and fun.