Beyond the Parallel

Art Exhibition
Chirag Mehta
Get Direction

‘Beyond the parallel’ is a series of abstract expressionist artwork which welcomes us to explore beyond the limits of obvious. It expects us to look at things from a different perspective and embrace the non-present and unexpected. While the strong geometry and colours of the art portray a rigid aesthetic, the revealed philosophical message behind them imparts the softness and human connection. This can be perceived in artwork titled ‘uncertain doors’. His painting expresses the thought that when door closes another opens but in our regret we have unnoticed these doors and many a times do not recognize if it is an actual door, or the direction and the path it leads to.

The used medium in this series is acrylic with some examples of paper and acrylic collages. Chirag Mehta is an Architect by profession and an artist by passion; he has displayed his art in galleries of Baltimore, USA. He has deep interest in mathematics and art, and his digital arts were displayed at the annual international “Bridges maths and Art conference”. He lives and works in London with a leading Indian property developer Lodha group.