Birch and Banyan II

Manju Sinha & Evelyn Bernardi
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Manju Sinha is a leading porcelain artist who has received much praise through her several exhibitions in India, UK and USA. ‘White porcelain in its various shapes and sizes is my canvas. It is here that I have tried to capture some of nature’s wonderful gifts to mankind,’ says the artist. She is the only Indian artist to have her hand painted porcelain exhibited at the celebrations of India ‘Rebirth of a Nation Festival’ at Museum of Natural History, New York. Over the last few years she has developed the fine art of hand painted porcelain jewellery where ‘Art meets Fashion’.

Evelyn Bernardi is a Scottish artist from Limekilns (Fife) a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art .An eclectic creator; she has a marked preference for nature, which draws en plein air. She uses all media with equal ease and enjoyment, including free hand embroidery which she assimilates to a painting in 3D.She is also a member of the UK Embroiderers’ Guild with, whom she regularly exhibits, as well as the National Needlework Archive organisation.