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Pardesho Kei Safar Mein
Monika Sharma
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‘Pardesho Kei safar Mein...’ is a Hindi poetry book which portrays the experiences and emotions of immigrants who are migrating to the foreign lands in search of better jobs and a bright future .In fulfilling their cherished goals ,they leave behind their family members . These family members get nothing in return except loneliness and pangs of separations. Their little children become grown up individuals waiting for their father to come back .Before they could make up to move back to their homeland, the parents of many of them proceed to their last journey. The book at the same time also depicts the feelings of immigrants, their struggle to find their identity in a totally new set up and a call of their motherland to come back.

Monika Sharma hails from Amritsar, India. She has many articles and poems to her credit which had been published in different national and international magazines. She also worked as facilitator in World Banks aided project and now besides rendering her services as a School Headmistress, she is equally busy with her upcoming literary projects.