Book Launch: Food of Love

Sylvia Vetta
Get Direction

Boomer Britain is transforming. Ethnic diversity, social mobility, and only the remnants of empire – throw in a female PM and it’s a nation reinventing itself. Sylvia Vetta’s life mirrors this maelstrom. Seasoned with facts, stirred with love, sprinkled with insight, hers is the story of a life lived in the cauldron of change, for women, for the working class, and for people of colour. But with recipes.

For 20 years, Sylvia Vetta wrote the life stories of others for The Oxford Times which was turned into three books and three novels inspired by real people. But her just-released book is her memoir, Food of Love cooking up a story across Gender, Class, and Race, published by Claret Press. It is also the story of her Indian born, husband Atam Vetta, and the struggles faced by his generation to overcome discrimination in the UK. It has glowing endorsements from historian Rana Mitter, journalist Yasmin Alibhai Brown and renowned poet Sudeep Sen.