Book Launch: Footprints on Waters Free

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The book ‘Footprints on Waters Free’ is a celebration of creativity, art and nonduality and its launch should mirror its theme. The first ten minutes will include a brief introduction of theme of the book – which reflects life itself – in which the author will take the audience on an apparent journey only to recognise that there’s neither a path nor a journey. In the latter part of the programme, there will be theatrical performance and reading of poems by Laksh Anand and Darpana respectively, followed by questions time permitting.

Darpana has been sharing the message of oneness or of the infinite singing the finite song since many years on her blog and at the World Sikh University. She translates various scriptures from the non-dual perspective and has also been pursuing art as a hobby since a long time. In her first book she illuminates the message of the formless appearing as form through fantasy, poetry and art in a creative and humorous manner whilst providing a lot of food for thought.

Laksh is a second-year undergraduate student studying Industrial Design at Loughborough University. He is a remarkable designer and theatre artist who captivates design customers and audience alike through his incredible storytelling and visual aesthetic skills. He has performed in many short films and played lead roles in Shakespearian plays at the University.