Book Launch: Hinduism Book Series

Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
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The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, in collaboration with Mandala Publishing, proudly presents a collection of authoritative and accessible introductions to a wide range of subjects in Hindu Studies.

This series uniquely bridges the divide between academic and popular writing, preserving the best elements of both. Each book is crafted to be engaging and comprehensible to readers of all backgrounds—academic or otherwise—without sacrificing scholarly rigor. Distributed by Simon & Schuster, this series fills a significant gap in the Hindu Studies book market, bringing cutting-edge scholarship to a broader audience.

The event will include an introduction to the book series by the series editor, Dr Lucian Wong, followed by a discussion of an already published title from the series, ‘Women in the Hindu World’ by author Mandakranta Bose and speaker Laura Anderson, and the forthcoming ‘Tantric Knowledge’ by author Gavin Flood with speaker Sharvi Maheshwari.