Book Launch: Inclusive and Sustainable Finance

Professor Atul K Shah
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Culture and Finance have long been separated, leading to widespread greed and expropriation of nature and society. This pioneering new research, based on thirty years of Professor Atul Shah’s investigations, shows that the global theories and textbooks of finance are often the cause of unsustainability. They lack diversity and pluralism and ignore faith altogether.

In contrast, Dharmic and other Faith approaches to finance are hiding in plain sight, and the practices are often sustainable, growing trust and relationships in society. The research is based on interviews of top finance leaders from all over the world. The book ‘Inclusive and Sustainable Finance’ is published by Routledge and available globally.

Professor Atul K Shah has a PhD from LSE and writes a weekly Social Capital column for iGlobal and is author of several high-quality international books and articles.