Book Launch: Mahabharata – Relevance and Application in Contemporary Thought

Bharat Thakker
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This book transcends the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata drawing upon various versions or supported by regional oral traditions to present events from the Epic that spark a connection with our lives today. The author uses examples such as the notorious gambling episode to draw its relevance to our life.

Even after many hurdles, the Pandavas had won and built up rich Indraprastha; why did they gamble it away? Even after all was restored to Yudhisthir, he agreed to bet again. Is it not important to realize one’s folly?

Yudhisthir had become Emperor because of Krishna, Bhima, and Arjun, with little or no personal effort. But unfortunately, we often squander away inherited wealth because we do not appreciate the efforts and sacrifices made to earn it.

Born in Kolkatta in 1957, Bharat Thakker was first introduced to the Mahabharata at school. Thakker built his career in finance and in 1997 moved to London to set up an international business division for an Indian conglomerate, and eventually branched out into business consulting. On reading the Bhagwad Gita, he wondered if these 700 verses have interested people for generations, then what lies in its entire 100,000 verses? The outcome was this book, based on the idea, if it is somewhere why is it there?