Book Launch: Mountain Goddesses

Manu Khajuria Singh
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For a long time, conversations around feminism have been dominated by stories of progressive women in western societies. 'Mountain Goddesses' follows author, Manu Khajuria Singh, through her discovery of the deep-rooted feminine power within her motherland in Jammu. This mountainous region in northern India has a rich heritage of folklore. Narratives surrounding goddesses, female folk deities, and warriors have been preserved by its vibrant oral tradition, which has been passed down through generations. After moving to the UK and seeing the younger generation become influenced by contemporary female icons, Manu was inspired to document the vast yet lesser-known female-centric stories from her homeland. These empowering tales offer alternative indigenous role models and an illuminating perspective on femininity.

About the Author

A freelance writer, commentator, and activist from Jammu Kashmir. A native of the Jammu Region, her focus is the region, its history, culture, and current issues. Manu is also the Founder Voice of Dogras, a community organisation which supports and promotes the Jammu region’s unique culture, history, and its people. A Lady Shri Ram College and Tata Institute of Social Sciences alumna, the author was awarded the Maharaja Gulab Singh Memorial Award 2019, a prestigious state honour. She was felicitated by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Twitter India, and Breakthrough India with Web Wonder Women award.