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A Nation to Protect
Leading India through the Covid Crisis
Priyam Gandhi – Mody
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Prime Minister Modi’s robust grip on the administration changed India’s fortunes in the fight against the virus. He took absolute control of the country’s response mechanisms and streamlined systems to cut red-tape. Led by fact-based scientific advice, the Indian government galvanized its inheritance of less-than-adequate resources, augmented capacities rapidly and prudently spent its reserves on the most effective solutions.

Hence, even after two waves of the pandemic, India has managed to save more lives than most countries in the world. This book aims to be a definitive account of India’s pandemic response from the top echelons of leadership and government.

Priyam Gandhi-Mody is a strategist specialising in political communications. She frequently writes political non-fiction, and this is her third book. She’s a proud alumna of the University of Delaware and Florida State University. Having worked briefly at the Capitol in Tallahassee, she now lives in Mumbai.