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Kolkata Classics – A Book of Verse
Supriya Newar
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Kolkata Classics captures the quintessential spirit of Kolkata, lovingly called the City of Joy, like never before. 24 odd verses look at extremely ubiquitous elements of the city and present them to the reader in catchy verses that offer a smile, a giggle, a smirk, a ponder, and a thought. The poems are generously sprinkled with local words that are widely known and just in case, a detailed glossary is provided too.

From quaint by-lanes to the potters’ quarter, Kumartuli; from the true-blue Bengalis’ love for maach to their obsession with indigestion and ombol; over bhaanrs of cha and mouthfuls of jhalmuri and intellectual addas…In this beautiful treasury of verse, Supriya Newar entices you with her incisive observations and transportive expressions that cajole you into taking a re-look at all that makes Kolkata a classic and a forever muse, a poem.

From the day of its official release, Kolkata Classics in a very short span of time has garnered excellent media, and great live audiences and is steadily winning hearts and bookshelves.