Book Launch: Symphony of Words – Dual Discourses in Hindi Poetry and Ghazals

Dr. Mahe Tilat Siddiqui & Dr. Gyan Prakash Sharma
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The Nehru Centre is organising a joint book launch of ‘Sabke Raam’ by Dr. Mahe Tilat Siddiqui and ‘Kahkashan’ by Dr. Gyan Prakash Sharma of Sangam UK

In “Sabke Ram”, Dr. Mahe Tilat Siddiqui explores the rich tapestry of Muslim literature and writers, highlighting their deep admiration for Lord Ram’s characters. Through her book, she showcases the unity and affection expressed by Muslim poets toward Lord Ram, emphasizing that Lord Ram transcends specific communities and belongs to all Indians. The book features diverse thoughts and poems from Muslim writers, promoting unity in India’s diversity. Dr. Siddiqui’s work also aims to bridge linguistic differences and celebrates the fusion of Urdu and Hindu influences in Indian culture, exemplifying the nation’s enduring values of harmony.

‘Kahkashan’ by Dr. Gyan Prakash Sharma is a book of Hindi Poetry and Ghazal. The book has already been awarded the Dr Laxmi Mal Singhvi Award for the Hindi language, in March 2023.

The evening will consist of readings by Mr. Tejendra Sharma, MBE, and Mr. Shiv Kant Sharma