Book Launch & Talk: Why Demographics Matters? How?

Dr Amlan Roy
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Amlan Roy is an experienced Global Macro-Finance Researcher & Thought Leader specialising in Global Macroeconomics & Demographics. His book “Demographics Unravelled” published by Wiley in Jan 2022 was mentioned by the FT as one of the best new books in Economics. He is a keynote speaker and advisor who has engaged with institutional clients in the across 30+ countries He is also a Research Associate at two LSE Research Centres—the Financial Markets Group and Systemic Risk Centre. He is also an elected Honorary Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and a Guest Finance Professor.

He is currently Senior Advisor (Macro Research) at LCP, a UK based investment consultant. He founded Global Macro Demographics in July 2021. Previously over April 2017-June 2021, he was Head of Global Macro Research and Senior MD with State Street Global Advisors (the 3rd largest global asset manager). Prior to that he was Chief Retirement Strategist. He was MD and Head of Global Demographics & Pensions Research with Credit Suisse Investment Bank 1998-2016. In a prior role within Credit Suisse, as a global EM strategist, he developed global risk & allocation models as an expert on Financial Architecture during the Asian & Russian crises. Amlan spent a decade in academia with a distinguished teaching career in the US and UK. He was UK ESRC Research Fellow, Ponders Fellow, a Boston University Doctoral Scholar, and a Government of India National Scholar. He has a PhD and MA in Financial Economics from the University of Iowa, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and an undergraduate Economics with Honours degree from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi.

Dr Roy will present an accessible version of his research-based keynotes on “Why Demographics Matters? And How?” He will link Demographics to Economics, Investments, Geopolitics, Migration, Gender Equality and stimulate discussions from the audience on a topic that has been mischaracterised by the experts as well as the common reader or citizen. He will draw on his advisory to governments on health, retirement, economics, technology across the five continents.