Book Launch: The Consciouspreneur

Manoj Gupta
Get Direction

In a world where logic reigns supreme, we’re surrounded by data, facts, and the expectation of demonstrable evidence to support any hypothesis.

But what about the big questions that continue to baffle even the greatest human intellects? Did the tree come first or the seed? Did the chicken come first or the egg? Why was the world created? The best of human intellects has failed to answer these questions.

The Consciouspreneur offers a fresh perspective on the convergence of Technology, Science, Spirituality, Religion and Leadership. By synthesizing these seemingly distinct spheres of life, Manoj, has uncovered a beautiful fusion that helps readers gain a broader and conscious understanding of the world around them.

Manoj Gupta has previously authored the best-selling book ‘New York to NEWYOU’, which focussed on leadership and human engineering, covering 3Ms – Management, Motivation and Mindfulness. He is an accomplished Technology leader who has excelled in various roles ranging from formulating strategies to leading businesses.