Book Launch: The Imperishable Seed: How Hindu Mathematics Changed the World and Why this History was Erased.

Dr Bhaskar Kamble
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Students of mathematics learn of “Pascal’s Triangle”, “Fibonacci Sequence”, “Rolle’s Theorem” and “Taylor Series.” But they do not learn that these concepts were expounded much earlier than their supposed discoveries in Europe by Indian mathematicians such as Pingala, Hemachandra, Bhaskara and Madhava.

Much of the mathematics used today— from the number system and arithmetic, to algebra, trigonometry, and even calculus—were developed by Hindu mathematicians or owe their origins to their works.

In The Imperishable Seed, Bhaskar Kamble assembles compelling evidence to show how this knowledge was created and transmitted to the rest of the world. He discusses Indian contributions also to fields such as astronomy and linguistics and shows how these continue to find applications even today in areas such as computer science.

Finally, he traces why and how the tradition of Hindu mathematics in India came to an end and why most people today do not know about its history.

Bhaskar Kamble obtained his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India. He has worked at research institutes in India, Germany, and South Korea, specializing in unconventional superconductivity, quantum phase transitions, and many-particle physics. Currently he works as a data scientist in Berlin.