Book Launch : The Punjab Chiefs

Bobby Singh Bansal
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The Punjab Cheifs is a 550- page publication that incorporates over 70 elite families whose forefathers served the great Maharaja Ranjit Singh in the 19th century. The author has included over 250 rare photographs and painstakingly charted the pedigree tables of the former chiefs of undivided Punjab. The book features testimonials of octogenarians and nonagenarians with vivid memories of their forefathers and their great-grandchildren's tales of valour and fortitude as they grew up hearing. It includes Hindus, Muslims, and Sikh nobles, with unseen pictures, the book offers an update of the original book by the same title published by Sir Lepep Griffin in 18655 which was last updated in 1939. This book is not only informative and inspirational, but it will become a treasure trove for all history enthusiasts wishing to indulge in capturing the lost glory of the Punjab aristocracy.

Bobby Singh Bansal is an award-winning British-born Sikh author, historian, and documentary filmmaker who studied Business Management and Economics. He is a passionate advocate of promoting Indian and Sikh heritage on a global scale and is the recipient of numerous accolades from all over the world. He is behind tireless projects such as restoring numerous Sikh monuments. His publications include The Lion's Firanghis - Europeans at the Court of Lahore (2020), Remnants of the Sikh Empire (2015), Indian Soldiers in the World Wars (2014), The Sun Rises in the East (2021), and The Punjab Chiefs- The Lost Glory of the Punjab Aristocracy (2022). Some of his award-winning documentaries include The Sikhs of Kabul (2012), The Road to Mandalay (2014), Legacy of an Empire (2015), and Sikhs of the Caribbean (2019). He is married to an Indian artist and has two sons.