Book Launch : The Second Chance in Life

By Dr Bhaskar Bora
Get Direction

Originally from Assam, DR Bhaskar Bora came to UK in 2004 and started his journey as an entrepreneur and a doctor. With the intention of diversification, he also started a real estate portfolio and became the first Assamese to open a cocktail bar and restaurant in London.

Just when life seemed rosy and sun was shining on his young family, he suffered from a severe spinal cord injury from an operation which left him with paralysis of both legs, a non-functioning right hand, almost 7 months stay in the hospital, cancer of his thyroid and multiple operations eventually leading to a forced Ill Health retirement from his medical practice. Bhaskar had to re-learn walking (now limited distance with crutches), writing, eating and lots of other daily routines but most importantly he had to retrain his mind to accept the new normal. Bhaskar Bora is now an author, a motivational speaker, and a painter.

Poorer financially but richer in experiences of life Bhaskar Bora is now a voice for the disabled, a regular blogger and has written the book 'The Second Chance in Life' to motivate people that every adversity can still be turned into an opportunity. That it is important to be filled with gratitude and appreciation for all the things that we take for granted.

What the universe throws at us we cannot control but how we react to these life's curve balls define who we are.